Huma Abedin (Hill’s Top Aide), A MEGA Brotherhood Plant, REVEALED: She Did It ALL For Allah!!

WITH Impeachment-Gate, Russia-Gate, and assorted illegal operations swirling and hovering over D.C. – attempting to undo the results of a democratically held election – one can be forgiven for forgetting about Huma Abedin; the highest level global Brotherhood Mafia spy that ever existed inside the deepest recesses of the body politic. Incontrovertibly, she had become the real keeper of all of the nation’s security secrets! No doubt, the Deep State is breathing a sigh of relief that she has been allowed to slither away unscathed from public scrutiny.

NOT so fast.

BUT before the underlying Brotherhood Mafia dots are (re)connected via Huma Abedin within these pages – yes, a compendium of work is supportive of the same – let it be stated for the record: The establishment media, in tandem with assorted liars and leakers, can be counted on to wag their fingers and flap their jaws in this direction, as they scream: “fake news!” No matter….like water off a duck’s back.


(Huma Abedin’s Mother, Saleha, a high up Muslim Sisterhood leader, stands to the right – via the computer screen – of Hillary Clinton as Hill gives her autograph to students at Dar al-Hekma college for women in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

At the inception of this site (back in 2012), it was not for nothing that this American-Israeli, an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, felt a patriotic duty to place a mega spotlight on Huma Abedin, thus, exposing the global terrorist organization’s complete infiltration and penetration into Capitol Hill – straight into the White House!
It was in 1996 that Huma Abedin – an exotic looking and fresh-faced 21 year old – entered the inner sanctum of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as an intern to Hillary Clinton. Lo and behold, in a brief matter of time, she became Hill’s “shadow.” In plain language, over the years, less than six degrees of separation existed between them. Do feel free to expand that idiom to its most literal interpretation, if you get the drift. Hmm. More importantly, in the midst of Bill Clinton’s (Bubba’s) first term in office – until the end of Obama’s (Hussein’s) second term – the Brotherhood Mafia’s American implant was privy to every imaginable national secret. By extrapolation, she held the highest levers of global power within her (Brotherhood) hands.
As such, it became a matter of national urgency to uncover the tip of Huma Abedin’s Islamic spear, so to speak, through the “House of al-Saud.”
Despite such and such unmasking, how shocking is it that she remained glued to the most powerful duo in American politics, but less than a handful in Washington questioned her attachment to her real handlers, the Brotherhood Mafia? Rhetorical.
Atop it all, what about the fact that MAJOR Brotherhood figures, too, had access into the White House – for instance, Bassam Estwani, an acolyte of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi? Take a peek.
Alas, as the noose tightens between Abedin and Clinton, Inc. to the Brotherhood that binds them, a clear nexus is also found between Benghazigate to al Qaeda – you guessed, with linkages straight into the White House! And so much more….
THAT being resurrected, still yet, in anticipation of the BIGGEST proof yet – as to what should be the nail in Huma’s Brotherhood coffin, in a manner of speaking – it is Hill, her addled “figurehead” boss, who paved the way for the largest (classified and unclassified) dump of sensitive documents into the public domain. To wit, the fact that the secrets of the Brotherhood’s diva got leaked in the fallout, well, if you lie down with dogs……

DEAR reader, it is highly imperative to read her personal (dumped) email to her brother, Hassan – a hooked-up Brother, too. Aside from laying out Hill’s grave health issues, she admits that “they” (the powers that be) gave her the keys to the kingdom! Not only that, even as she opines that she is repulsed by what she is subjected to via “AW” (ahh, that perv, Anthony Weiner, her ex hubby) and “WJC” (William Jefferson Clinton), well, as a dedicated and devoted servant of Allah, she confided to Hassan on Sept. 3, 2016, two months before the election, no less: “But I do it gladly, brother, everything they ask of me, however sick and depraved. I do it and I smile, rejoicing at the thought of whose glory I serve….”

MEGA DOTS: If not for a little known truth bomb – that which plagues a host of far-left power players – it becomes impossible to internalize how Abedin became the master through Hill’s incapacity; a direct causal factor in her ability to control, yes, control, “Madame Hill.”

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