New Whistleblower Evidence Slips Out – Pelosi Did Not Want Trump To Know He’s A “Registered Democrat”

The whistleblower’s closet just swung open – this could be it for Nancy!

Democrats really jumped the gun on this impeachment charade, because now all the dirty details are spilling out.

We know the whistleblower complaint was full of inaccuracies. The original transcript pretty clearly showed Trump didn’t do what he was accused of.

We also learned that Pelosi, Schiff, and others were aware of the whistleblower before the complaint came out. Leading Trump to accuse the Democrats of crafting the scheme themselves.

Well, once again, it looks like Trump has been proven right.

Because even Jake Tapper of CNN had to admit this new development that ruins the impeachment push once and for all.

“Breaking — A source familiar with the investigation prompted by the whistleblower tells me that the “indicia of bias of an arguable political bias on the part“ of the whistleblower referred to by the Intel Community IG, is that the whistleblower is a Registered Democrat.”

Oooooh really!? I would have never guessed that the unnamed person trying to wrongfully remove Donald Trump from office was an official Democrat!

This casts more fuel on Trump’s claim that the Democrats orchestrated this from the start.

This wasn’t a concerned patriot, worried about abuses by the president. This was a registered Democrat who wanted to see Trump gone, and saw this as a way for Pelosi to do it.

It’s almost hard not to believe Nancy and other Democrats were working with this whistleblower from the start, with all the evidence and slip-ups that have happened in the past week.

Now we need to shift to who was behind this, not continuing the impeachment charade. Yet another investigation of the investigators needs to happen.

We can’t let Democrats like Pelosi get away with another attempt to set up our President.

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